Social Pipeline

Get into the Circle of Trust

Effective demand generation programs rely on a consistent and steady stream of content presented to an audience of potential buyers. As buyers increase the time they spend talking to peers and colleagues about business problems, social networks should become an integral part of your demand generation strategy to engage potential buyers at the early stages of their buying cycle, much earlier than your competitors.

From social media campaign development and monitoring to implementing internal collaborative networks , Demandum designs effective campaigns that produce engagement on a variety of platforms, and provides guidance and strategy on how to court this new audience of social sales leads.

Social Media Demand Generation

Social Media Campaigns Listening to what’s being said about specific business needs, products, and industries on the social Web offer many untapped sales opportunities.

Our social media team has years of social media marketing experience, and work tirelessly to understand the mindset and behaviors of today’s social customer. We turn social conversation into leads.

Social Media Campaigns and Engagement

Social Media Campaigns Hand-in-hand with marketing automation and demand generation programs are strong social media campaigns.

Demandum partners with best-in-class social media engagement and management tools, and has the capability to serve as your outsourced provider of ongoing social media programs, including program design, planning, creative development, execution, and measurement.

Social Media Diagnostics: Audit, Monitoring, and Measurement

Social Media Monitoring Perhaps you are already well-along in your social media programs, and are seeking an external review of your results and strategies.

Demandum’s partner network of social media monitoring and measurement tools can deliver the metrics you need, and our social media experts can interpret these results, provide the insights into your current campaign, and advise on future strategy.

We also help you with implementing standards or best-practices for your industry in social media.

The Social Workforce

Social Work Force No doubt, you’ve heard the expression, “Your people are your best asset.” With social media, they are. A socialized workforce increases employee satisfaction and drives revenue, since new projects can be created — and sold — and an organization can unlock contacts and sales leads from a team that has properly optimized its social footprint and unlocked the potential of its social graph.

Let Demandum show you how to “socialize” your workforce by:

- Creating social media best-practice guidelines and policies

- Introducing internal collaboration tools that increase productivity and facilitate information sharing

- Training your team on how to maximize opportunities on LinkedIn and other professional social networks

These sales leads can then be entered into Demandum’s marketing automation and demand-generation services, for a complete utilization of the agency’s offerings, and taking advantage of the complete life cycle of a social pipeline.

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