Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become a mission-critical as B2B marketing leaders are under tremendous pressure to increase their marketing team’s contribution to generate revenue. By automating the routine and repeatable tasks associated with lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and creating and maintaining a marketing lead database, marketing automation offers:

  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Shorter and faster sales cycles
  • Higher average selling prices
  • More predictable sales forecasts
  • Higher ROI from marketing and sales
  • Better sales and marketing alignment

However, companies who invested in marketing automation technology often are only using it for a fraction of what it can really do. They are held back because they lack the right lead management and scoring process in place, the right contact information in their database, the right content for engaging prospects or the technical skill sets to use these tools effectively.

Whether you are trying to get started with marketing automation or want to leverage your investment, Demandum brings the technical expertise, marketing skill and the best practices to drive top-line revenue growth your company. We are trusted partner of leading marketing automation vendors.

Database Management

Database Management A marketing automation software is only as powerful as the contact information it contains in its database. Marketing teams typically struggle to maintain and grow a complete and up-to-date marketing database.

Demandum fuels your marketing automation by providing highly targeted, clean, real-time contact data that is fully integrated with their social media presence.


Segmentation Segmenting your database based on your prospects stage in the buying cycle, their motivations and interest level is crucially important to deliver relevant, targeted and meaningful communications.

We crunch the numbers for you! We analyze demographic criteria and behavioral data – website visits, email response, form registrations – to win new customers or nurture existing prospects who aren’t ready to buy.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring According to Aberdeen Group*, companies that get lead scoring right have a 198% higher average lead qualification rates than those do not.

We help marketers isolate high-value prospects from “Joe Smith at Acme Corp” and provide your sales team real-time information for immediate and targeted follow-up.

* Aberdeen Group, Lead Scoring and Prioritization

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Business cards you collected at your tradeshow booth, attendees of your last webinar or the lists you recently purchased are not necessarily ready to engage a conversation with your sales representatives. To ensure you earn their business when they are ready, you need lead nurturing; the process of building relationships and trust with your prospects in a way that is both consistent and relevant.

Sending out an e-newsletter on a semi-regular basis, randomly calling leads to see if they are ready to buy or blasting your entire database with a new white paper is not lead nurturing. Demandum accomplishes lead nurturing with multiple touchpoints that provide them with information that is targeted to their needs, role, intent, and interest level.

The touchpoints we develop include personalized e-mails, targeted newsletters, webinars, in-person events, personalized landing pages and other tactics. Whether it is a welcoming lead nurturing campaign or stay in touch campaign, our communications are driven by:

- Offering content that builds the relationship along the buying process

- Targeting a defined set of contacts (e.g active vs. inactive, product line or value tier)

- Capturing incremental data for better targeting in the future

- Monitoring, measuring benchmarking success against industry standards

Whether you are seeking to win new customers or nurture existing prospects who aren’t ready to buy, Demandum makes it happen.

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