Campaign Development

Initiate a Conversation; Do Not Just Push a Message

You can no longer just blast out your message to every one you know and expect them to buy your products. New rules of marketing require you to engage customers through multiple marketing vehicles. With Demandum’s campaign development program, your business can:

- Reach your prospects with relevant messages at the right time with the appropriate frequency

- Adjust and fine-tune marketing programs based on response rates, costs and sales conversion success

- Track results and cost to assess the success of your marketing programs

- Drive higher revenues by winning new customers or nurturing exsiting prospects who aren’t ready to buy

Create Engagement

The key to build a true engagement is to initiate a conversation that is targeted to your prospects needs, role, intent, and interest level. Our campaign development strategy is based on four key elements that ensure a strong relationship.

Segment: Be relevant to the different issues of your buyer personas.

Create Value: Answer the question, “What is in it for the audience?” every step of the way.

Differentiate: Establish your business as one they want to do business with.

Personalize: Deliver information that reflects what you know about them.

Do your campaigns have these elements? Contact us and one of our demand generation strategists would be happy to evaluate your currently running campaigns or the campaign you plan to run.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing The days of batch email marketing campaigns with low response rates are over. It’s time to use targeted email marketing with 1:1 dialogue marketing capabilities. These include drip campaigns with automated lead nurturing and the ability to trigger follow-up activities.

With the email best practices, best-in-class marketing automation software and the creative appraoch we live and breathe, you can:

- Create triggered and multi-step email campaigns that automatically deepen prospect relationships over time

- Get your content into your prospects’ inbox using email deliverability best practices

- Have professionally designed emails optimized for all email clients including mobile and tablet devices

- Send personalized messages on behalf of sales reps; track who opens and clicks on each email

- Continually optimize for targeted email marketing with reporting and A/B testing

Webinar Production

Webinar Production Best-in-class companies effectively utilize webinars to acquire qualified leads for their sales teams. Yet, many marketing departments do not have formal processes in place to integrate webinars in their overall demand generation strategy.

Demandum adds webinars to your demand generation arsenal by helping you create the “share, don’t tell” format of webinars that create higher interest.

Our webinar production services allows your company to:

- Effectively promote your webinars to ensure the maximum egistration and attendance

- Reach your audience with credible information and establish thought leadership

- Integrate your webinar programs with marketing automation software to collect valuable data on your prospects’ level of interactivity

- Create specific lead nurturing tracks to convert attendees into paying customers


Multimedia Technology can rapidly grow obsolete; so can your marketing programs. That’s why your content inventory should include a wide range of multimedia pieces.

Demandum helps you get the best out of the multimedia marketing and create interactive content that answers a business question or problem that is relevant to your prospects. Our multimedia capabilities include podcasts, video whitepapers, RSS/XML feeds, online cources, blogs and wikis.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising Your prospects are researching web and spending more time talking to peers and colleagues about business problems and investigate solutions online before engaging with sales reps. In fact, SiriusDecisions estimates that the buyer’s journey is 70% complete by the time a sales person is contacted. If you’re not putting your company directly in their online path with relevant content when they need it, your competitors will.

Creating the optimal online advertising portfolio is crucial to fuel your demand generation programs. From media buy to creative development, Demandum puts your content and offerings in front of your prospects in an effort to initiate conversation instead of pushing a message. Our online advertising capabilities include:

  • Display Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Whether you are seeking to win new customers or nurture existing prospects who aren’t ready to buy, Demandum makes it happen.

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